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Market Research

How is my property portfolio performing? I need benchmarks! What price levels can I achieve if I develop this residential project? How much rent can I collect?

We have built our strength on establishing strong relationships and mutual cooperation with major real estate brokerages, real estate news portals and real estate websites. Through our network of real estate associate partners, we are readily able to answer questions through providing professional and tailor-made real estate market research services.

Some examples from our market research services:

  • Benchmark monitoring for operating real estate portfolios
  • Comparison of property benchmarks of selected cities to aid regional investment decision-making
  • Market segment analysis (e.g. of the commercial, land or residential market) for real estate investment or development decision-making purposes
  • Analysis and collection of asking prices and/or transactions, for sales or rent negotiations

There are many ways that we can assist you to establish a solid base for your real estate investment, leasing or development decisions across the Balkans.

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